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Check the chart below for solutions to common problems.

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Check out the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Possible Cause(s):
1. Packed in tank
Corrective Action:
1. Check in tank
Vacuum cleaner
will not start…
Possible Cause(s):
1. Defective switch or defective motor
Note: On Demand Vacs (925-63, 925-64 and 925-65) The vacuum circuit breaker button out or no continuity
Corrective Action:
1. Contact Customer Service at 570-326-3557 or submit a help request.
2. Push circuit breaker; If that does not solve the problem, contact Customer Service at 570-326-3557 or submit a help request.
Dust discharging
from exhaust…
Possible Cause(s):
1. Filter not installed
2. Filter damaged
3. Filter clogged or dust is too fine
4. Filter not functional
Corrective Action:
1. Properly install filter
2. Replace filter
3. Use more efficient filter
4. Clean or replace filter
Loss of suction…
Possible Cause(s):
1. Loose hose connection
2. Filter clogged
3. Full tank
4. Hole in hose
Corrective Action:
1. Tighten hose connection
2. Clean or replace filter
3. Empty tank
4. Replace hose
Static shock…
Possible Cause(s):
1. Dry environment
2. Relative humidity of air is low
Corrective Action:
1. Add moisture to air (if practical, use a console or installed humidifier)
2. This situation is temporary and does not affect the use of the vacuum cleaner